Beyond the Echo Chamber: a project by the Social Action & Research Foundation

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To this end we have built upon the historical tradition of pamphlets and aimed to re-imagine this for a contemporary audience. Pamphlets can provide information and context to a situation, and so present ideas to challenge consensus and open up discussion for alternative futures. Our idea was to make this particularly visual, following Emory Douglas the artist of the Black Panthers, who used graphic design to “inform, enlighten and educate” in order to “create a culture of resistance”.

In order to help shape the content and language of the pamphlet, we held a workshop with a small group of NGO-activists in Manchester and Salford who had experiences that resonated with the report and are involved in developing alternative approaches. The group session created an energy and tone for the content and design of the pamphlet. All participants were direct, honest and fostered a DIY approach in their own way.We tried to reflect that in the design, taking inspiration from the history of hand-made and fanzine publications. We wanted eye grabbing images to back up the sentiment of the words while keeping it positive and accessible with colour and a softer illustrative approach in places. The words and imagery in the pamphlet are not nuanced in the way our full-length report is, but rather designed to provoke an immediate response. In this age of digital, we share the pamphlet online; but the main thing with this particular project is about having these tangible publications that we have made and folded ourselves to be found at community centres in Manchester and Salford and floating around in public places, for people to pick up, feel and think about and maybe do what they have been thinking about for a while.

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