Call for Papers: Migration and Crisis in Europe

Dear Colleagues,

Sociology is pleased to announce the theme of its 2018 special issue: Migration and Crisis in Europe. The issue will be guest edited by Nick Dines, Nicola Montagna and Elena Vacchelli, all at Middlesex University, UK.

The editors are currently calling for papers to be submitted to the issue and relevant topics might include the following:

  • Response of migrants and migrant organisations to the economic crisis.
  • New forms of labour mobility and the transformation of migrant labour markets.
  • Border struggles, migration solidarity movements and/or anti-migration politics in light of the current ‘humanitarian crisis’.
  • Migration and social reproduction in a context of economic crisis and welfare restructuring.
  • Interpreting the transformation of EU migration and border management through the perspective of crisis.
  • Changing internal and external borders in the light of current migratory flows.
  • The politics of humanitarianism and/or securitization.

For more information on the aims and scope of the special issue, please see the full call for papers on the BSA website. To submit your article please visit: The submission deadline is 13 March 2017.

For any queries regarding the special issue, please contact:
Nick Dines (
Nicola Montagna (
Elena Vacchelli (

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