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  1. Fascinating video. A real insight into the thoughts of people in deprived communities who voted Leave. However, it was also chilling from the point of view of democracy. None of the participants could give a concrete or valid reason why their plight was caused by the EU or how leaving the could improve their situation. The EU is much more redistributive than any Westminster Government and has done a lot to help deprived areas.Access to single market has also encouraged investment in areas such as Sunderland.
    It feels like the Out vote has been the equivalent of smashing a smug rich person’s window to serve them right. Ironically Brexit will damage these communities the most.

  2. So refreshing to see this. I concur with her – the media narrative, both mainstream and YouTube-esque has undertones of xenophobia especially when referring to parts of northern England. I think it is a series wholly more complicated and complex issues than this.

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