Out of Data: Launch Event

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies is happy to invite you to the launch event of its new annual theme, Out of Data, on October 4th, at The University of Warwick.

4-6 pm, followed by drinks 6-7pm – room MS.03

In a dynamic format of short presentations, each member of staff will respond to these issues through their own work, raising questions, challenges and opportunities. An open discussion will follow, and we will close with drinks.

We hope to see you there, and please stay tuned to our next Out of Data activities …

The modern world is into data, but what is out and what is coming out of data? Facts and figures, to be sure, but what else? New methods for seeing, acting and shaping our world? New cultural forms, experiences and artefacts?

Some say data is the new oil, so what can we distil out of data?What classifications of people, objects and spaces are producedout of data? What do different analytical methods reveal and leave out of data? Who is overlooked and what remains hidden?

Despite data’s new abundance, we can find ourselves out of data. Is being out of data when data are missing, forgotten, or yet to be collected? When signal becomes noise? Or noise is mistaken for signal? When access is denied, not wanted, or the correct technical configuration is lacking? How to respond to being out of data? What if we are out of data and unaware?

Over the next 12 months CIM is getting into out of data athttp://blogs.cim.warwick.ac.uk/outofdata/

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