CfP: Theorizing the Web 2017

Call for Papers

*Theorizing the Web 2017*

*April 7–8 in New York City*

At the Museum of the Moving Image, in Astoria, Queens

The submission deadline is January 22, 2017 (11:59 p.m. EST)

Started in 2011, Theorizing the Web is an annual event for critical,
conceptual conversations about technology and society. Theorizing the Web
begins with the assumption that to talk about technology is also to discuss
the self and the social world. Debate around digital social technologies
too often fails to apply the many relevant literatures of social thought.
We do not think “theorizing” is solely the domain of academia, and we value
clear and compelling arguments that avoid jargon. Here are some photos from
last year’s event if you want to see the vibe of it all.

Theorizing the Web is a home for thinking about technology by people who
may not think of themselves primarily as “tech” thinkers. Activists,
journalists, technologists, writers, artists, and people who don’t identify
as any of the above are all encouraged to submit. We especially invite
submissions that engage with issues of social justice, power, inequality,
and vulnerability from a diverse range of perspectives.

Submissions on any topic are welcome. Some general topical suggestions
include the intersections between technology and identity, privacy,
sexuality, the body, power, politics, surveillance, racism, sexism,
ableism, harassment, space, code, design, knowledge, images, memes,
attention, work, fiction, gaming, globalization, capitalism, and protest.

Submissions should be 300 to 500 words (only the first 500 words will be
reviewed). The TtW Selection Committee will blindly review submissions and
make decisions in early to mid-February. Space is limited, and our
acceptance rate is typically 20-35%. The presentations themselves will be
12-minute talks in a panel setting. You will be speaking to a general
audience who may not share your area of expertise.

Before submitting, please read our FAQ section on submissions

Submit your proposal here:

Registration for Theorizing the Web remains pay-what-you-can, and we ask
that you donate whatever amount you deem fair or can afford (minimum $1).
Register here:

Stay tuned to for announcements about invited panels,
and email us at
<> if you would
like to help out with our all-volunteer event in any way. We’re @TtW_conf
<> on Twitter, and the conference hashtag is

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