Digital Sociology vs STS

ISRF Digital Social Science Forum participants Susan Halford, Will Housley and Mark Carrigan will be speaking at a joint Digital Sociology Study Group and STS Study Group Event at the Oxford Internet Institute on 8th December 2016.

An opportunity for anyone interested in the future of Digital Sociology and STS to get together and discuss the following questions:

  • Why do we need Digital Sociology when we have STS?
  • What are their affinities and disaffinties?
  • Are digital methods and digital ontologies transformative for STS?
  • What distinguishes Digital Sociology from all the other disciplines that claim to study the relationship between society and social media, the Internet, the Web and digital data?
  • What use is the concept of Digital Sociology?
  • How can we join forces across institutions to progress the project of Digital Sociology?

Other speakers will include Karen Gregory and Kate Orton-Johnson (Lecturers in Digital Sociology at the University of Edinburgh), and Des Fitzgerald (Lecturer in Sociology from the University of Cardiff).

Booking is essential. Venue numbers are restricted and it is advisable to book early.

Registration Fees: BSA member £10 / Non-BSA member £15

Register online:

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