Sutton Trust claims overseas student fees could present pattern for future

The possibility of rising tuition fees has been headlining the news in the recent weeks and months, while anticipation over the official review of university fees being conducted by Lord Browne is mounting.  In the midst of that anticipation, education charity Sutton Trust has just conducted a study which focuses on overseas student fees. The report discusses how those fees have risen drastically as a result of being unregulated and used to subsidize home-fee paying students.

Sutton Trust has used overseas fees to argue that such a pattern of unregulated rises can and may be replicated for all degree courses if tuition fee rates are allowed to be raised.  As such, the Trust recommended a comprehensive package of grants, loans and other forms of support for students who would be unable to afford higher fees, as well as suggesting that those from low income homes should be offered a first year at university for free.

In light of the fact that Lord Browne’s review is still to come, reports like this one from the Trust support growing anxiety over the situation facing students in the future. To that point, UCU General Secretary Sally Hunt said, “”As we approach the delivery of the university funding review we are hearing more and more dark rumours about what Lord Browne might recommend. However, we are hearing no radical or progressive options.  If the funding review simply lists ways to squeeze more money out of students and their families then it will have spectacularly failed its remit.”

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