CFP: ‘What’ and ‘How’ of Critique: Styles, Issues and Confrontations in Critical Social Theory and Research

Wednesday, 20th September 2017, Duurham University

Keynotes: Professor Peter Fleming (City University London), Dr Ana Cecilia Dinerstein (University of Bath)

The way power operates in contemporary societies is changing and critical reflection and action is as relevant now as ever. There exist numerous styles of critique in contemporary social theory and research (Marxism, Frankfurt School, post-structuralism, feminism, post-colonialism, constructivism, ANT, etc.), which often encompass different epistemological, normative, and political commitments and their understanding of critique differs accordingly. Moreover, some scholars argue for a move towards a “post-critical” approach to social research. However, answers to questions of what is critique, how should it be conducted, and how can it contribute to social change often remain implicit and underexplored.

This postgraduate symposium will contribute to open and explicit discussion of what it means to be critical in social research practice, what different styles of critique researchers follow and highlight important differences between them. The symposium seeks to encourage students to reflect on what ‘being critical’ means in their academic and research practice. In addition, it offers a forum for discussion of what questions and challenges postgraduate students working in critical tradition face.

We invite both theoretical reflections and examinations of these issues in relation to problems addressed in students’ research. We particularly encourage papers that:

1)         Reflect on meanings of critique in relation to students’ own research

2)         Discuss and compare different styles of critique focusing on their differences, advantages, and disadvantages

Please email abstracts of no more 250 words or questions regarding the symposium to

Bookings are now OPEN.

Registration Rates:

BSA Member £10

Non Member £25

Key dates:

  • Abstracts due: 1st August 2017
  • Decisions announced: 8th August 2017
  • Date of the symposium: 20th September 2017

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