A tiered university system

In the aftermath of Lord Browne’s review on higher education, we are all left wondering the overall impact it will have on higher education in England. Some commentators suggest that Lord Browne’s recommendations will led to a tiered higher education system where elite universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and Kings could charge up to £12,000 per year in fees alongside not-so elite universities charging less. It is clear then that, students with the right grades and finances for elite institutions will not be affected under Browne’s report. However, students from poorer backgrounds will effectively have to settle for less prestigious universities to suit their wallets – if they can obtain a university place.

The prospect of a stratified higher education system might be new for the UK, but it is commonplace in America as this article suggests. The US system at present operates a well-resourced upper tier of selective institutions, which mainly caters for rich and white students, whereas the lower tier caters for poorer students and students from minority and/or ethnic backgrounds.

The full impact of Lord Browne’s review is not yet fully realised, but its ramifications for affordable education are already being felt.

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