Fears build over higher student fees

As the coalition government prepares to publish its response to Lord Browne’s review, anticipation builds over the likelihood that students may face fees upwards of £9000 per year.

The fee rises are intended to compensate for the public funding which has been withdrawn from universities as per the most recent Spending Review.  Aaron Porter, the president of the National Union of Students (NUS) has argued that it is an unfair situation to remove teaching funding while expecting students alone to financially support universities, while students are threatening protests.

In response to student protests and Lib Dem MPs who also signed pledges to vote against any fee increases, the Universities Minister David Willetts is expected to announce a funding package shortly which will include measures like outreach programmes, summer schools and scholarships aimed at widening access.  These measures would be particularly aimed at universities charging the highest fees.

Further coverage of the current debate can be found in Sean Coughlan’s BBC article here.

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