New Toolkit: Using Phone Interviews (by Annie Irvine, University of York)

New toolkit that may be of interest to you:

Using Phone Interviews – Annie Irvine, Social Policy Research Unit, University of York

This toolkit explores the use of telephone interviews in qualitative research. It discusses the practical and methodological advantages of the approach, including minimal travel time and cost and increased anonymity for participants.

The two main methodological objections to telephone interviews are traditionally: the difficulty of achieving rapport with participants; and the lack of non-verbal communication. The toolkit discusses whether these concerns are well-founded, and suggests that their significance may have been exaggerated.

About Realities toolkits
Our toolkits are short documents on the practical side of doing research. Topics include: using music elicitation in qualitative research, ethics in research teams, recruiting participants by knocking on doors, participant-produced video, participatory maps, disseminating research by putting on an exhibition, informed consent for visual data.

Vital Signs 2 presentations on the Realities website:

We are starting to put videos and audio of many of the presentations from our Vital Signs 2 conference on the Realities website. There are currently three presentation recordings (from session 5b) available to watch, with more coming soon.

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