Student protests: support letter from Bulgarian students

Below is a public letter of support written by Bulgarian students on 19 December 2010 (reposted from )

To the British students, fighting against tuition fees raises:

Dear friends,

We have been following the current situation in the UK with great interest and we sincerely admire your unity and purposefulness in the fight against tuition fee raises and the privatization of education. We would like to express our support for this endeavor. Your unfaltering and resolute actions against government policies in the field of education inspire us to continue our own fight with even more determined steps.

We are facing issues similar to your own. Currently serious cut-backs in education system finance, enforcements of private interests and criminal violation of university autonomy have been undertaken. Many institutions of higher education in Bulgaria have been forced to shut down for the winter months due to a lack of finance. Gradually the student body here began displaying our discontentment – we have organized a few protests against the government’s lunacy, but as yet without significant results. In January we plan to renew the protests and we feel ready to take more radical action in our efforts to achieve our common goal.

We, the students of Bulgaria, would like to declare our solidarity with you and your struggle. We would be happy to stay in contact with you in the future.

In solidarity,

Students’ Organization Studentski Glas, Bulgaria

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