CRESC: Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change

The Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change is a large research centre based at Manchester University and the Open University. As they describe themselves:

CRESC is a major ESRC-funded Manchester University/Open University research centre. Our social science and humanities researchers use state-of-the-art research methods to explore socio-cultural change.

Their website is worth a look. Not only is there an enormous amount of interesting material on there (seemingly everything their large research team has produced over the lifetime of the centre) but the site itself represents a masterful example of research projects using social media to communicate with the wider world. Has anyone come across any better examples?

If so then please e-mail the editor, as we’re keen to highlight impressive uses of social media within the discipline. It’s something which is still largely in its infancy but undoubtedly set to grow over the next decades. While the funding climate grows ever more hostile and departments are under pressure to demonstrate their capacity for public engagement and impact, easy to use & low cost publishing platforms will surely come to take centre stage.

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