UK Teaching Budget to be cut by 6%

While some Kent students continued their sit-ins over the holiday break and others are planning further demonstrations to protest the proposed tuition fee rises, the government decided that English universities are to face a 6% cut to their teaching budgets before teaching incomes are set to increase in 2012 from those raised tuition fees.

In a letter to Tim Melville-Ross, the Chairman of the Higher Education Funding Council for England, David Willets (Minister of State for Universities and Science) and Vince Cable (Business Secretary in the coalition cabinet) outlined the cuts, explaining that teaching grants would decrease from nearly £5 billion to £4.6 billion for 2011-2012.  They explained that this was necessary as the government faces very steep challenges to its public spending budget.

In response, however, the vice chancellor’s body pointed out that such cuts before the planned tuition rises amounted to nearly 8% rather than 6.  Furthermore, the teaching grant is projected to drop even further—down to £3.8 billion for the year 2012-2013, although the ministers project that this drop would be offset by higher tuition fees.

For further information about what the cuts to the teaching budget may mean for teaching salaries, university budgets, and allocations of university places, click here.

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