“It’s like living in the mind of a depressed hippie”: Adam Curtis’s Story of “Oh, Dear”-ism

Adam Curtis is the author of many documentaries, among which one that he names, with jokingly-seriousity, “The rise of “Oh, dear”-ism”.
It is the story of the interplay between television reporting and world politics which began roughly a couple of decades after World War II. In this story, “noble individuals stand against corrupt political systems”. But are charitable actions always unambiguously doing good, and what are we to do when it is no longer clear who the “good guys” are? Below is a trailer:

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  1. This isn’t a trailer, it’s a short film he was comissioned to make for Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe series.
    It’s damn good though 🙂

  2. Thanks for the clarification! I will correct. Do you know more about Curtis’ work? I really enjoyed this one.

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