Foreign Universities May Be Becoming More Attractive to British Students

There is speculation that increasing pressure on limited university places, in tandem with rising tuition fees, may be making the prospect of studying in other western European countries and even the US more attractive to British students. Representatives from British and American universities alike believe that the threat of higher fees and the insecurity over securing a university place are making universities abroad all the more appealing.

With the deadline for UCAS forms set as Saturday, January 16th, many students are well aware of the 209,000 students who didn’t receive a university spot last year. According to the Fullbright Commission, which co-ordinates exchange programmes for British students to the US, more than 4,000 students attended its information day in September. That represents more than a 50% increase over last year. Although figures for European universities are harder to attain, many institutions are already reporting much higher degrees of interest from British students.

For more information and some student responses’ to these pressures, see the Guardian’s coverage here.

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