Protest on Budget Day (June 22nd)

George Osborne will announce his emergency budget at 12.30pm on Tuesday 22 June . Right to Work will be now be holding a demonstration outside Downing Street from 11am onwards to greet George Osborne as he leaves to present his austerity day budget. Later in the evening local protests will be taking place nationwide.

More details about the campaign and local protests available here. I’ll be at the Birmingham protest on Tuesday. As Richard Seymour argues here large protests will make it difficult for the coalition to present the ‘coming age of austerity’ as representing some sort of reluctant national consensus. So while the budget itself may be something of a fait acompli these protests represent an important first step in building a broad base of┬áresistance┬áto the cuts. There’s an excellent analysis by Paul Krugman here of the fiscal irrationality (let alone the political unacceptability and moral reprehensibility) of swingeing cuts.

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