‎’You’re old, Facebook Newsfeed’ – a poem

You’re old, Facebook Newsfeed, and terribly slow –

You have nothing of interest to say

“I’m cold” or “The Smiths”; or “I want it to snow”

(From your cousin who lives in LA).

Amazing how friends are so free with their news

I can’t think what I’d usefully write.

“I’m tired” someone comments – “So how bout a snooze?”

Says one friend, who then ‘likes’ it – how trite!

Don’t worry, dear Reader, we’ll help you with this

We’ve got someone online all the time

Release your minutiae; you will find bliss

If it helps you, perhaps make it rhyme?

No use, Facebook Newsfeed, o generous host,

I’ll be keeping my thoughts in my head

The fact is I can’t help but read every post

And refresh several times before bed.

That’s wonderful, Reader, as we couldn’t say

That our work here at Langley is done

‘Til you know how Dave’s shoes are affecting his play

And that Angela‘s ‘looking for fun’…

Well yes, but it’s time that I don’t want to lose

Without making some tiny amends…?

Since you seem to make changes whenever you choose

Could you find me some interesting friends?

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