Love for sale

…real human hearts are not gaudy, cast in gold or made of chocolate. Real human hearts are bloody, meaty, beating messes of fear and emotional flux. Cheap chocolatey sentiment distracts us from the fact that very few of us are truly alone. We have friends, communities, networks and families to rely on and live in a superabundance of human pleasure, passion, consolation and commitment. There is room for all of us, whether partnered, single, or in more complicated arrangements, to find love and fulfilment.

A love-ly article in the Guardian makes a predictable, but well-argued point about the falsity of Valentine celebrations.

The Bourgeois Couple (Photo: Milena Kremakova/Idle Ethnographer TM)

The Idealised Bourgeois Couple (Photo: Milena Kremakova/Idle Ethnographer TM)

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