Facebook, emotion, and the future of media

The Nieman Journalist Lab is a project of the Nieman foundation at Harvard university. In this article, Joshua Benton unravels the meaning of social media for news-sharing, and points out the emotional nature of many of the new tools that new online ecosystems such as Facebook endorse.

Click on link to read the article: “Like,” “share,” and “recommend”: How the warring verbs of social media will influence the news’ future

In accord with Benton’s article, it is somewhat ironic that writing this blog frequently involves cross-posting other people’s articles. Even when you are diligent in acknowledging authorship in each single instance, you still claim to be the author of the blog itself; blogs become modern-day online `salons’ which invite new ad hoc `speakers’ as and when they are available, and the blog authors assume the role of ‘inspiring hosts’. This does, however, raise issues of originality Perhaps SI should introduce a new category: listicles? What do you think?

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