Defend academic freedom: Join thousands of UK academics calling for the release of Dr Beltran

Please join thousands of UK academics who have signed an open letter calling for the release of Dr Miguel Beltran:

Dr Miguel Beltran is s respected academic who has now been detained by the Colombian government without conviction for 22 months and who faces a trial for “rebellion”, simply for publishing articles and conducting research on the conflict in Colombia.

Not only is this an instance of imprisonment, seemingly without due process, it is an attack on the ability of academics to exercise critical thought and freedom of expression without fear of retribution from the state.

Dr Beltran’s trial has been suspended on several occasions, once because of allegations that evidence against him had been manipulated. It is now due to begin again on 2 May. Please join thousands of fellow academics in signing the letter demanding Dr Beltran’s immediate release here.

You can read more about Dr Beltran here.

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