21st Century Parenthood: two examples

Two interesting websites promoting a new image of parenthood with practical examples. GeekDad’s subtitle is Raising generation 2.0, and GeekMom’s tagline is Smart. Savvy. Social.

What is so interesting is the conscious effort to manage parenting according to certain principles – something that did not happen before when parenthood used to be taken-for-granted as a highly naturalised, and extremely gendered activity (in fact, in many cultures and countries it remains that way). However, this, I think, is also related to the marketisation of life which has to be managed and engineered into an increasingly efficient and structured string of activities.

I’d love to do content analysis and compare the two websites. But, however affable and awesome GeekMom and GeekDad are, they seem to retain a stylised version of the traditional view of moms and dads. My personal preferences are slightly different and go to equal parenting (of which, unfortunately, currently there are still very few public examples). Here’s one:

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