University student folklore…and labour market uncertainty?

SI continues its traditional weekend review of 21st century student youtube-folklore with two songs. Our mums and dads played the guitar in scruffy student dorms full of thick nicotine smoke; today’s creative souls practice in front of webcams and flood youtube with their sometimes genius produce. But, although essentially both are the result of the same impulse to make sense of the world (adjusted for the evolution of the technological medium), two things worry me (as a postgraduate). First, both songs in their humorous way deal with labour market uncertainty which has become pervasive. Second, they reaffirm stereotypes of university students as useless and unprepared for the `real world’. This was surely not the case in the previous generation.

The PhD song was composed and performed by Frans Prins and the video was made by Japanese students. The Kyoto photos give the rhythm and blues a fresh twist!

The Arts graduate song is less artsy and extremely sarcastic, and is bound to ring a bell with today’s situation in the UK:

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