More about the gender pay gap. Blaming women?

Following up on yesterday’s post which showed some fresh UK statistics on the full-time gender pay gap in median earnings, today we continue with a more argumentative (if slightly older) piece by psychology professor Hilary M. Lips of Radford University, UK.

The article unveils the catch-22 embedded in women’s occupational choices and claims that choice is the problem only on the surface, as:

…using the language of choice to refer to women’s career outcomes tacitly ignores the many subtle constraints on such decisions.

There are also deeply embedded problems such as the fact that childbirth strongly disadvantages working mothers, while it advantages working fathers:

women with children under 18 earn 97.1% of what women without children earn, whereas men with children under 18 earn 122% of what men without children earn.

Furthermore, Prof Lips argues on the basis of recent data, that even if women did choose to work more, the gender pay gap would still not be closed.

Read the article here

If you’re feeling particularly feminist, also read this news report about …well, an occasion which may not be typical, but the occurrence of which nevertheless somewhat dismantles the whole idea of gender equality in work. Completely, in fact.

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