COMING SOON on SI: Sociology of Sport Week! 13-19 June

13-19 June 2011 is Sociology of Sports week here on SI. The editors are eagerly awaiting readers’ contributions on any topic connecting sociology with sport.

This could be:

  • an article
  • a bibliography
  • your own research profile
  • a book or article review
  • a podcast
  • a research question you are working on
  • an interview
  • visual material
  • a link to an interesting read
  • or any other suitable material.

Please email us any time before 13 June. We are looking forward to meeting you in a game of …sociological imagination!

Sport (Photo: The Idle Ethnographer TM, 2006)

Sport (Photo: The Idle Ethnographer TM, 2006)

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  1. Great initiative! I’ve read very few things about sociology of sport. This can be my definitive chance.

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