Oral History Network at Warwick University

Last week we wrote about a new event that took place at Warwick.  Here is a bit more info on this exciting new project:

‘The Warwick Oral History Network aims at developing a network of researchers from a variety of disciplines, who are interested in doing oral history research, or who are currently working on an oral history project. It engages both with theoretical and practical issues involved in interviewing and life writing.

Following on the interdisciplinary seminar on ‘Challenging dominant discourses of the past: 1968 and the value of oral history’, held at the IAS on 23 February 2011, the network brings together established scholars, early career researchers, postgraduates as well as undergraduate students, both from in and outside the University of Warwick.’

The project is led by two Angela Davis and Andrea Hajek.

Visit the webpage of the Oral History Network for more information, resources, and links.

Visit the online Oral History Noticeboard.

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