Franz Kafka International Airport

A couple of weeks ago I was due to fly home from Florence to London. Even including the journey back from Stanstead, this should have taken four hours at most. Instead it took almost two days. The first flight was cancelled and it took the airline 5 hours to admit this before they then spent another hour denying any responsibility for housing us or finding alternative flights. Eventually we were taken to a hotel and booked on a flight for the following day. This in turn was cancelled. Cue a four hour coach journey to Rome where, having almost missed the second replacement flight, we had a difficult job convincing the airline we were booked on this one.

Suffice to say this was not a fun experience. A seemingly endless purgatory-esque experience of pointless, uncertain and stressed waiting with no reliable information about what was going on & little capacity to communicate with those nominally responsible for our journey. For anyone else who has had airport experiences along these lines please enjoy an Onion classic:

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