Zygmunt Bauman: the movie!

The film is a bold attempt at characterizing our contemporary, increasingly globalized, society through a prism of Zygmunt Bauman’s concept of liquid modernity. For decades Zygmunt Bauman has been painstakingly trying to disperse darkness surrounding the existence of an individual in the Western consumer society. He has been relentlessly pointing at the traps of free market economy and showing ugly flaws in the system, which for years have been officially glossed over. Despite his famous irony, he is in fact a passionate defender of some core values which are the prerequisites of a more equal and, simply, happier society. Our film presents in a nutshell Bauman’s vision of the world filled with concern, anxiety, but also – hope. By documenting Professor Bauman’s unique ideas, we intend to popularize his outstanding work and truly prophetic theories, which are concerned with the issues most of us can easily relate to.

More information about the project and the trailer are available on the website and you can follow the film on Facebook here.

Here at SI we think this film is a bloody marvellous idea – stay tuned for more info/content relating to it.

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