Choosing your own culture

Two Britons (believe that they) live the daily lives of Native Americans in… Coventry, UK, in 2011.

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Is this a case of postmodern decoupling of biological determinism and socio-cultural traditions?  One of the comments mocks these folks and suggests that they ought to explore “their own culture” instead of running after remote culture. But most people find them cool. Another commenter praises them and accepts their choice of self-presentation “they believe in something and help people”. So no, I don’t think this is postmodern. I am skeptical about such  arguments that describe everything that is out of the norm as postmodern. I’d rather agree with Latour’s claim that we have not really been modern. The reification of culture, such as its connection with birthplace, etc. is our attempt to appear modern – and its un-reification, such as the choice of culture that is not “biologically” our own, is pre-modern or just… well, it just is.  Hm… am I making any sense?

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