We-First Capitalism?

As much as it’s easy to be cynical about former advertising executives who have mid life crises and then begin to express lofty social concerns, this is a genuinely intriguing talk by ‘social brand specialist’ Simon Mainwaring about what he sees as the rehumanising potential of social media. He describes his fascination when “along came this technology which was allowing people to connect … with their friends and family, around what they care about, anywhere in the world, in real time, effectively for free”, suggesting that it is ‘reweaving the social fabric’ in a way that is independent of large corporations, political hierarchies and established authorities. Crucially, as he puts it, “we are finally able to talk amongst ourselves about what we care about” and, with this, comes reconnection with our innate empathy and core sociality.

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  1. Are you confusing corporatism with free enterprise (i.e. capitalism)?

  2. Are you talking to the editors or the person in the video!?

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