New column! “Visual Sociology” call for reader submissions

For all professional and/or novice visual researchers out there: the Sociological Imagination is pleased to announce its new column dedicated to “Visual Research”. To celebrate its beginning, we are launching a continuous call for reader submissions.

The call is open to all our readers. One piece of visual research work will be featured each Friday. The SI reserves the right to use the submissions on the website at any time after they have been sent to us, after explicitly notifying their authors by email. If you’ve sent us an image and change your mind for any reason, just e-mail us and we promise not to post it.  Scroll down for submission guidelines.

Guidelines for submissions:

How to submit: Please e-mail us with ‘SI Visual Sociology’ in the subject line.

How many: Authors may submit up to three separate pieces of work (we shall consider more numerous applications on a case by case basis – i.e., if we really like them!).

What information: Every submission must be accompanied by the following information:

  • title of the work;
  • full name/s, or artistic pseudonym/s, of its author/s;
  • contact e-mail address and/or other contact details.

What counts as “a piece of visual research”? What ratio must there be between image/s and text? We side with Becker (1995) * in abandoning methodological purism, and leave to your discretion the decision what and why classifies as visual sociology/anthropology (as opposed to documentary, photojournalism, art, or any other visual-based genre). The editorial team also reserves the sole right to decide whether to publish any submission. Submissions may range from image/s with text to text with image/s, as long as images and analysis or story are integral to one another.

Type of image: Any images/photographs are acceptable: black-and-white or colour; new shots or old scanned shots from your archives – as long as you have the rights to distribute them; and there are no restrictions regarding any artistic or photo-processing technologies used in the production of the images.

Format and size:

  • JPEG format
  • 1:1.5 ratio and any resolution suitable for publishing online (the images the SI normally posts are scaled down to 440×294 pixels, or near)

Legal issues: Any persons present in the photographs MUST be notified, be aware, and not oppose the publication of the images.  If in doubt, consult this guide on photographers’ rights:

Copyright: The submissions will be distributed under the following conditions

Creative Commons Licence Attribution 3 (allowing for non-commercial distribution of shared works):

Creative Commons Licence
“This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.”

* Becker 1995 Visual sociology, documentary photography, and photojournalism: It’s (almost) all a matter of context, Visual Studies, Volume 10, Issue 1 & 2 1995 , pp. 5 – 14 (the article can be downloaded here, or viewed in html here ) or

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