Studies in Social and Political Thought

Studies in Social and Political Thought
General Call for Papers – Fall 2011

Studies in Social and Political Thought is soliciting papers from
graduate students and scholars working in the areas of social and
political thought broadly construed. SSPT is an inter-disciplinary
journal that has published work by well-known figures such as Stefan
Muller-Doohm and William Outhwaite. Our main aims are: first, to
foster inter-disciplinary and collaborative work in social and
political thought; and, second, to provide a high-quality publishing
platform for young academics. Since our re-launch last year we have
published issues on Theodor Adorno, Utopia and Dystopia, and
post-colonialism. Our most recent issue was guest edited by sociology
graduate students from Warwick University, helping to further our aim
of interdisciplinarity and institutional collaboration.

In addition, we have attracted a prestigious panel of leading scholars
for our newly formed international advisory board, including: Martin
Jay of UC Berkeley, Robert Pippin of the University of Chicago,
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak of Columbia University, Seyla Banhabib of
Yale University, Simon Jarvis of the University of Cambridge, William
Outhwaite of the University of Newcastle, Homi Bhabha of Harvard
University, Adriana Cavarero of the University of Verona, Alessandro
Ferrara of the University of Rome, Axel Honneth of the University of
Frankfurt and Fredric Jameson of Duke University.

SSPT will seek to build on these developments in the coming year and
we hope you will consider submitting your work for consideration. For
more information about submissions, subscriptions, or to download a
free copy of the journal, please go to our website: Or, for any other enquiries, please
email us at:

The Editors, Studies in Social and Political Thought

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