Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%

In this powerful article Joseph Stiglitz, former chief economist of the World Bank – the ‘rebel with authority’ as a book reviewer once described him – offers a incisive analysis of US political economy. He paints a worrying picture of the effective lock that the elite have on American politics:

Virtually all U.S. senators, and most of the representatives in the House, are members of the top 1 percent when they arrive, are kept in office by money from the top 1 percent, and know that if they serve the top 1 percent well they will be rewarded by the top 1 percent when they leave office. By and large, the key executive-branch policymakers on trade and economic policy also come from the top 1 percent. When pharmaceutical companies receive a trillion-dollar gift—through legislation prohibiting the government, the largest buyer of drugs, from bargaining over price—it should not come as cause for wonder. It should not make jaws drop that a tax bill cannot emerge from Congress unless big tax cuts are put in place for the wealthy. Given the power of the top 1 percent, this is the way you would expect the system to work.

It’s against this backdrop that we should consider the Occupy Wall Street protests (who are the 99%) which have emerged, as well as the police brutality which they’ve been subjected to:

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