The SI Top 10

It’s been almost a year of half since we started Sociological Imagination and given how many posts we’ve done since then, we thought it was a good idea to round up the ones that proved most popular. Here’s the top 10 in terms of the number of hits each received:
  1. A Mexican, a Kiwi and a Nigerian walk into a bar… a dose of (sociological) Xmas humour
  2. Car Boot Sale
  3. Charles Wright Mills’ Sociological Imagination and why we fail to match it today
  4. Null Set
  5. Response to George Monbiot’s Rant against Academic Publishers
  6. Anarchism and The Sociological Imagination: An Interview with Dana Williams
  7. Pathology and Asexual Politics
  8. In Pictures: 50,000 March for Higher Education in London
  9. Review of ‘The Aftermath of Feminism’ by Angela McRobbie
  10. Comics and Censorship: Is It Really about You?

Are there any favourites which haven’t made it into the list? If so then drop us a line on Twitter or through the comments box and we’ll feature them in another post.

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