Sociology of Sport: Four Podcasts

It has been a while since we held our first SI seminar on the Sociology of Sport in June 2010, so we thought it would be a nice idea to integrate the several separate posts on one page.

So here they are!

Link to the page anouncing SI Seminar #1











The first speaker was Dr Karen Throsby, who we interviewed last year,  talking about her research on channel swimming.

You can’t be too vain to gain if you want to swim the Channel”: marathon swimming, ethnography and the problem of heroic fatness

Professor Wyn Grant, who we also interviewed on this topic some time ago, talks about the political economy of football. If you find this interesting you should definitely check out Wyn’s site Football Economy.

Wyn Grant on Political Economy of Football
In this podcast from the SI Sociology of Sport seminar,

PhD researcher Deborah Butler talks about her research on the Horse Racingindustry

Deborah Butler on Horse Racing

And SI’s Sociology of Sport seminar on 20 June 2011Dr Sam Farooq discusses religious masculinities in sport based on a fascinating ethnographic study she conducted.

Religious masculinities in youth sport

If you have ideas for other seminars , drop us a line! (write to Milena or Mark)



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