University life 41 years ago

The sixth former entering university often has difficulty in adjusting to a new academic and social life…

… so this film, made by university of Warwick students back in the 1970s, served to prepare newcomers to university life (with a large pinch of salt). Back then, 8-year-old Warwick university was still in its infancy and far from the leading status and aspirations that it has today. Come to think of it, were there university rankings at all at that time? I am not sure. But there certainly was no Top Banana, Kazbah, Tesco, Costa, Warwick Arts Centre, or horrendous multi-storey car-parks. No one was talking of students as consumers, the ‘university experience’, or the ever-increasing string of unpaid internships that the luckiest students undergo on their way to the glories of permanent post-degree employment. There were the Beatles and the Stones and traditional lecturers. The campus was a fraction of its today’s size, with only a handful of buildings.

But some things haven’t changed. The Op Mobile No.10 was already there, as were some of the accomodation blocks (Rootes Halls, named after Lord Rootes, spelt with an “e”, and not in reference to a substantial part of the anatomy of a tree, as some of its residents are convinced. Thanks to inflation, its cost has increased 25-fold over the 41 years since the film was made.). Watch and see for yourself!

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