RSA Animate and Jeremy Rifkin’s Empathic Civilisation

As a follow up to his lecture here’s Jeremy Rifkin’s concept of empathic civilisation explored through the medium of animation. It’s part of a new series being produced by the RSA (whose strap line reads ’21st century enlightenment program’) and they are thus far proving hugely successful. The Rifkin animation alone has been viewed over 350,000 times on You Tube. It’s disseminating core aspects of his thinking to a wide audience of people who (a) might have known about his 600 page magnum opus and yet never got round to reading it (b) who would not have heard of the book and instead meet its central ideas through an incredibly engaging form of presentation. I’m increasingly convinced that this is only a sign of things to come and that the full uses of the internet (particularly web 2.0) for facilitating intellectual life remain relatively untapped.

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