Discourses of Dissent Part 2 – Public Universities and Public Futures

Discourses of Dissent was a one day symposium organised by SI’s editor in February 2011. The website hosting them is soon to lapse so SI will be the new home for the videos from the day. In light of the coalition government’s austerity agenda and the emerging movement against it, Discourses of Dissent asked how academic research can help inform and sustain political resistance

A round table session investigating how academic research, with a particular focus on social theory, might help us articulate and work towards a positive vision of shared futures which escape the discursive constraints which have defined the public life of the UK since the 1980s.

The session will also explore the practical resolution of the tensions facing the university system. What are the most pressing issues faced by universities? Is a satisfactory resolution of these tensions possible without radical reform? Is there a need to move beyond critique?

Steve Fuller, University of Warwick – What are we defending when we defend public universities?

Dan Hind – Media Reform and the Public University

John Holmwood, University of Nottingham – The idea of the public

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