Tips from our readers for PhD students

  • It’s vital to talk to fellow #PhD students, but don’t compare yourself/your work to them/theirs! (@MsEmmaB)
  • Write at least 250words everyday; update your bibliography everyday; follow all interesting avenues (@public_uni)
  • use PhD to meet interesting people, learn skills and get involved in external projects (@DBarnardWills)
  • And travel! (@slewth)
  • never leave until tomorrow what can be done today #PhD and, of course, follow #phdchat 😉 (@NSRiazat)
  • consider highly competitive market w limited jobs avail but baby boomers retiring & expect not to be rich (@DisModern)
  • If you haven’t already, and you’re in the arts, join a reading group. If there isn’t one, then create your own (@miss_patrick)
  • start writing early and keep writing! (@Jess_Guth)
  • never self-censor, record all your ideas and learn to compartmentalise (@mark_carrigan)
  • write from early on, even if it’ll get redrafted. all good writing is rewriting #AcWri (@CEMathieson)

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  1. Stand up to your supervisors! It is your PhD and your career! Argue your point assertively and fairly. If you feel you’re not being listened to by your supervisors speak to the the postgrad unit of your student’s union.

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