Academia 2.0

Do ‘prestigious’ journals make academics lazy? An unlikely parallel with the art world

  1. Training, teaching or empowering people with social media?
  2. A case study of a university’s digital strategy
  3. Podcast with Martin Eve about Open Source Academic Publishing
  4. The ‘prestige’ of journals in a social media age
  5. Cite or Site? The current view of what constitutes ‘academic publishing’ is too limited. Our published work must become truly public.
  6. The search for the academic arctic monkey: why we must maximise the exposure of research through a blend of traditional and new methods of publication
  7. Continual publishing across journals, blogs and social media maximises impact by increasing the size of the ‘academic footprint’.
  8. Continuous publishing has changed my experience of developing ideas and I’m more attentive to my ‘provisional outputs’ than my handwritten notes: I can’t imagine working in any other way
  9. Support, engagement, visibility and personalised news: Twitter has a lot to offer academics if we look past its image problem

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