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Milena is not as idle as her SI alias suggests. Sociology PhD from Warwick University, studied post-socialist transformations in institutions and livelihoods of maritime workers in Bulgaria through a mixed-qualitative methodology, using convention and capability theories. Interested in many things, the sociological ones include work, quality of employment, labour, lifecourse; post-socialism in general and especially related to work and lifecourse; the EU; qualitative and mixed research methods; and very random ones such as visual sociology, sociology of translation, and sociology of mathematics. Still finding her way between critical realism and interpretativism. Not mentioning favourite theorists here (apart from the very obvious, C.W.Mills, and Weber) for fear of forgetting someone and being struck by a lightning. Currently (until July 2013) postdoctoral fellow at Re:Work (IGK International Research Center on Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History, Personal blog about living in Berlin (