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Is virtual ethnography an oxymoron?

Attempts to conceptualise the sociological study of behaviour  on the Web often involve juxtaposing the words ‘virtual’ or ‘digital’ to ‘ethnography’ or blend ‘ethnography’ with  ‘Internet’ to create ‘netnography’. Rightly or wrongly ethnography for me connotes old school anthropology –… Read More ›

New Frontiers for (Digital) Sociology?

In 2009 Savage and Burrows challenged sociology to modernise its methodological repertoires or face obsolescence. Digital Sociology is gathering momentum and developing into a promising riposte to this challenge. Since Digital Sociology is a new area of exploration, interested sociologists are setting… Read More ›

What is Digital Sociology?

Though it is a hugely exciting trend, the growth of digital research methods risks becoming a narrow specialism. It is crucial that we don’t fall into the digital dualist trap of assuming that ‘online’ and ‘offline’ constitute distinct realities, as doing so… Read More ›