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The Phenomenology of Obsessiveness

To talk about ‘modes of reflexivity’ can sometimes seem to suggest types of person or personality. Understanding reflexivity in this way misleads because its suggestion of divergent individual traits can too easily obscure the commonalities shared between all reflexive individuals. To postulate a mode of… Read More ›

Why Things Matter to People

Underlying this book is a simple proposition: things matter to people. As well as the thought and interaction which have been traditional objects of the human sciences, we also evaluate – our relation to the world is one of concern. Andrew Sayer’s book is concerned with drawing… Read More ›

When Lacan got trolled

43 years ago today, on October 13, 1972, the charismatic and controversial French theorist and psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan is giving a lecture at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium, when a young man with long hair and a chip on his shoulder… Read More ›

The Daily Mail Song

Apologies to our many non-UK readers for whom this will be baffling but recent political events in Britain make this song deeply relevant: Royals on the first page, Swine flu and road rage. Find maddie, foreign baddie, put him in… Read More ›