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Reading the Riots

In this podcast, recorded for the LSE Impact project, I spoke to Tim Newburn from LSE about the Reading the Riots project. This was a rather astonishing collaboration he undertook with the Guardian newspaper, carrying out a large scale research project into the… Read More ›

Fashion online

It is interesting to see how the fashion industry has been employing new computer visualisation techniques to approach realistic, three-dimensional human body shapes. This influences the way we shop, as well as the dynamic of the market for clothes: for… Read More ›

Human, All Too Human

This astonishing 1999 BBC documentary series follows the lives of three prominent European philosophers: Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, and Jean-Paul Sartre. The theme of this documentary revolves heavily around the school of philosophical thought known as existentialism, although the term had… Read More ›