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The Spook Who Sat By The Door

By Hamish Robertson This year has seen an extraordinary upswing in revelations about the kinds of violence that are seemingly endemic in American society. In particular, the persistence of an often deadly mixture of readily accessible weapons and prevailing racism,… Read More ›

CfA – Announcing the new SOYUZ Article Prize!

The Soyuz Research Network for Postsocialist Cultural Studies announces the opening of its first Article Prize competition for the best article related to the culture, history, politics of postsocialism by a junior scholar. This prize recognizes significant contributions to the advancement of scholarly understandings of postsocialism, broadly defined. Articles published… Read More ›

Trumpism 101

HT to Steve Fuller for this introduction to Trump syllabus put together by the Chronicle of Higher Education: This course will explore the phenomenon that is Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. We will take an interdisciplinary approach, gathering insights from history, literature,… Read More ›