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Luc Boltanski at University of Westminster

The Centre for the Study of Democracy at the University of Westminster is delighted to announce that this year’s CSD Encounter will be with the internationally renowned French sociologist Luc Boltanski. Convened by Chantal Mouffe. Details below and attached. Additional speaker information can be found… Read More ›

Girlhood in Post-Socialist Times

SPECIAL ISSUE: Girlhood Studies in Post-Socialist Times (Volume 8, Issue 1)Edited by Olga Zdravomyslova and Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova Editorial: International Collaboration and the Spread of Girlhood StudiesClaudia Mitchell Introduction: Girlhood Studies in Post-Socialist TimesOlga Zdravomyslova and Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova ARTICLESBodies in Transition:… Read More ›

What is theory?

Another interesting video from Theories, Mysteries and Mistakes We assume our theories about the world are gradually uncovering the way it really is. Yet from quantum mechanics to post-structuralism, the reality the theories describe is contradictory. Should we conclude… Read More ›

Big data philanthropy

This recent article in the New Yorker introduces a new counselling service, based in New York, which uses text messages a point of contact for young people experiencing crisis. It’s an intriguing discussion of changing generational norms regarding communication, offering a rich… Read More ›