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20% off Social Media for Academics

20% off the book when you order from Sage using the code UK15AUTH2 (not 25% as originally claimed, sorry! Thanks to Sarah Lewthwaite for spotting this)  Ordering the book from Sage: Social media is an increasingly important part of academic life that… Read More ›


This new way of finding articles is cool. Three people sent me this link in the last few days (two mathematicians and one social scientist). It’s not new, but it is the first sign of organisation spreading beyond social scientists’… Read More ›

Blogging as an outboard brain

This superb post by Cory Doctorow, novelist and editor of Boing Boing, offers a philosophy of blogging extremely similar to what I’ve described in the past as continuous publishing. I really identify with what he’s saying here and it goes some way to explaining why… Read More ›