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Welcome to the portable e-soapbox of a sociologist with too much time on her hands. Milena Kremakova is fascinated by too many things and refuses to devote her time single-mindedly to any one pursuit. In this column she gives voice to one of her thinking selves: that of a perpetual traveller comfortably stuck between the positions of outsider and insider, geared to discover the unusual even in the most mundane setting, and always having something to say (or show). She pledges to irregulary scribble thin, unabashedly empirical quasi-ethnographic observations, loosely driven by pre-developed concepts, while promiscuously recycling insights from sociological theories.
Sometimes she tweets short thoughts as @idlEthnographer.

The PhD [comics] movie

PhD comics have made a movie! Each grad student should be excited by this new opportunity for productive procrastination! Check out the trailer here. So-o-o… it is currently being screened only at the wrong side of the Atlantic, but would… Read More ›

Who reads poetry?

Jackie Kay of the Guardian argues the case of poetry in a lovely (if old) article. Perhaps she is right (even though I instinctively shudder at the sheer glance of something proudly entitled `Costa book awards’. It must be the… Read More ›