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First as tragedy, then as farce

An RSA animate video presenting a recent lecture by iconclastic Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek. It’s an accessible introduction to the area he’s worked in recently (particularly in first as tragedy, then as farce) for those unfamiliar with Žižek and an entertaining distillation… Read More ›

Continuous Partial Attention

A fascinating article by Linda Stone on the psychological impact of technological abundance: “In the case of continuous partial attention, we’re motivated by a desire not to miss anything.  We’re engaged in two activities that both demand cognition.  We’re talking on the phone… Read More ›

Richard Thaler on Nudge

An engaging lecture by Richard Thaler on the concept of Nudge. Along with his colleague Cass Sunstein (author of some superb books on the internet) their work briefly became hugely fashionable last year. Interestingly it seems to have been dropped somewhat as… Read More ›

John Snow vs Zac Goldsmith

Recent entry to parliament Zac Goldsmith (Conservative MP for Richmond and son of  billionaire financier James Goldsmith) makes a fool of himself defending allegations that he broke election financing rules. Is this strategy something a spin-doctor recommended? If so is it… Read More ›

An Activist Ethnography

The politics of the activist community, as we have briefly explored, is a broad church of the left, and with a few exceptions, the anti-capitalist left. This anticapitalism is manifested in a number of environmental and social campaigns on campus and in the… Read More ›

Democracy Village

This is an intriguing short film exploring Democracy Village, an anti-war protest camp occupying Parliament Square. They’re currently facing eviction so if you’re in that area of London then pop in and take a look because it probably won’t be there for… Read More ›