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John Snow vs Zac Goldsmith

Recent entry to parliament Zac Goldsmith (Conservative MP for Richmond and son of  billionaire financier James Goldsmith) makes a fool of himself defending allegations that he broke election financing rules. Is this strategy something a spin-doctor recommended? If so is it… Read More ›

An Activist Ethnography

The politics of the activist community, as we have briefly explored, is a broad church of the left, and with a few exceptions, the anti-capitalist left. This anticapitalism is manifested in a number of environmental and social campaigns on campus and in the… Read More ›

Democracy Village

This is an intriguing short film exploring Democracy Village, an anti-war protest camp occupying Parliament Square. They’re currently facing eviction so if you’re in that area of London then pop in and take a look because it probably won’t be there for… Read More ›