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Unfinished London

This is the story of a town-planning cock-up known as the Northern Heights Plan which, if completed, would have meant miles of extra houses and tube stations to the North West of London. Produced by Jay Foreman and Paul Kendler.

One Story High

One Story High is a collection of very short sociological biographies I curated and edited for the on-line journal Fast Capitalism late in 2009, featuring the work of novelist and literary critic Amitava Kumar, anthropologist Katie Stewart and filmmaker John Cohen… Read More ›

Fried tarantula

(Spring 2004) We were travelling overland on a group tour. A small party of international travellers of varying ages, sizes and descriptions, united by a love of adventure, the unexpected and a curiosity for different cultures. We were strangers on… Read More ›

The invisible mothers

These mysterious looking old photographs were not intended to be as sinister as they may appear to us. IN order to make the best use of the technology of the time, and to achieve a well-focussed photograph of the ever-fidgeting children, photographers used… Read More ›

SI Top 10 #4 – Null Set

IHAVENOIDEAWHATYOUARETALKINGABOUT   D : (via Ache) (15 April 2013, Editor’s note: As a reader has kindly pointed out, the author of the diagram is David Shrigley who does lots of awesome things: David Shirgley. The editors apoligise for not giving a… Read More ›